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Different Patterns

Oak wooden flooring offers a canvas of creativity for your interiors, and the choice of patterns adds a distinctive touch to the overall design. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of Herringbone, the captivating geometry of Chevron, or a classic plank layout, the possibilities are immense. Each pattern brings its own character and charm to the space, allowing you to tailor your flooring to match the unique style of your home.

Elevate your interior with the beauty and versatility of oak wood in patterns that reflect your personal taste and design vision.

Planed oak

Straight Planks

Embrace the simplicity and timeless beauty of a straight oak wooden floor—a classic choice that effortlessly complements any interior style.

The straight pattern creates a clean and uniform appearance, allowing the inherent beauty of the oak to take center stage. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for both modern and traditional spaces, providing a foundation for any design vision.

With durability and sophistication at its core, a straight oak wooden floor is more than just a flooring choice—it’s a statement of refined simplicity that withstands the test of time.

herringbone flooring


Introducing the timeless elegance of herringbone oak flooring—a design classic that effortlessly elevates any space.

The distinctive pattern creates a visually striking effect, adding a touch of luxury to your interior. Whether you choose a light or dark finish, a herringbone floor showcases the natural beauty of the wood.

Perfect for both traditional and contemporary settings, a herringbone floor not only provides a sense of tradition but also introduces a modern and dynamic element. Transform your space with the enduring allure of herringbone flooring.

Chevron parquet


Introducing the timeless allure of the Chevron pattern —a true embodiment of sophistication and classic design. In Hungarian point floors, the planks run in 45 or 60-degree points, and we cut the ends at an angle. This creates a zigzag effect that converges into a sharp point, characterized by its V, adding a touch of geometric elegance to your space.

Crafted in the Netherlands from high-quality European oak, each plank seamlessly interlocks, creating a continuous flow of refined beauty. This pattern not only showcases the natural grains and textures of oak but also introduces a sense of movement and visual interest.

Elevate your interior with the enduring charm of an oak chevron pattern floor—a statement of style that stands the test of time.



Step into the regal realm of Versailles parquet, it gives you a royal feeling from the very first step. Inspired by the intricate patterns found in the historic Palace of Versailles, the magnificent residence of Louis XIV, this flooring option adds a touch of royal elegance to your space.

This unique floor pattern consists of square frames, the geometric design creates a captivating visual impact, turning your floor into a work of art.

Transform your interior into a palatial sanctuary with the timeless allure of Versailles parquet—a symbol of luxury and sophistication. A Versailles floor is elegant and suits both rural farmhouses and modern apartments.

Bespoke patterns

Dive into the world of personalized expression with our bespoke patterns. Your space is your canvas, and our customizable patterns let you showcase your unique style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of mixed planks, the geometry of a basket weave, or a completely personalized design, our bespoke patterns is designed to make a statement.

Choose from a range of possibilities, from classic to contemporary. The beauty of bespoke patterns lies in their adaptability, seamlessly fitting into diverse interiors. Elevate your space with a floor that reflects your taste and creativity.

Unleash your imagination and let our bespoke patterns flooring transform your floors into a masterpiece of personalized design.

Get in Touch

At DutzWood, we believe in the boundless inspiration of interior designers and architects, and we find joy in collaborating with creative professionals. Whether you have a well-defined vision or just a spark of inspiration, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life.

Bespoke oak wooden flooring is our standard, and with us, everything is possible. It goes beyond the width, thickness, or style of the floor. Each board can be crafted in Chevron, Herringbone, or a different pattern. You have the creative reins to determine the treatments we perform, whether it’s planing, sanding, smoking, aging, or brushing. Each treatment contributes to the unique look and feel of your floor.

Our dedication is aiming to craft the perfect wood flooring that seamlessly aligns with your unique design

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