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Different treatments

Whether the floor requires a unique character, or a beautiful rustic country appearance with fine knots and heart cracks, the final result will always look pure and genuine.

Oak trees can become more than 200 years old and range from sleek and elegant to broad and powerful. As a common characteristic, they have a high degree of stability and durability. We aim to preserve their natural beauty and work with its pure and powerful expression.


Sanding is one of our most common treatments. And this is why:

Sanding eliminates imperfections, rough spots, and uneven surfaces. It doesn’t only provide the foundation for further enhancements, but it creates a polished, smooth and visually appealing look; an all-time favorite.

We refine each planks with a range of 5 different sandpapers, from soft to rough. Each plank goes through a journey of transformation, which eventually gives them a look that seamlessly fits into modern interiors, giving a mix of elegance and timeless warmth.


By planing an oak wooden floor we refine and shape the texture of the wood by creating a surface which enhances the natural characteristics of the wood. We use machines equipped with cutting blades to enhance the visibility of the natural grain pattern. It adds a unique rough texture for that extra character and depth.

Whether you’re in a cozy farmhouse or a modern city apartment, this floor just fits right in, bringing that touch of nature wherever you are.


By using this a machine with a variety of nylon brushes, we create a unique character to each plank. The brushes sweep across the oak’s surface, removing the softer wood between the grain lines, bringing the harder grain lines into sharper focus. This enhances the overall appearance and texture of the wood.

We can adjust the machine in different ways, allowing us to brush the planks lightly or heavily. Light brushing gives the wooden floor a glowing effect with a subtle amount of texture. A heavily brushed floor gives the floor even more texture.


The fuming technique imparts a darker hue to oak wooden floors and enhances the grain pattern, stressing its natural beauty.

This process brings tannins from the wood to the surface, creating a unique and varied appearance in each plank. The smoking method ensures that each piece exhibits subtle differences in color, ranging from light to dark, adding depth and character to the overall floor.



A brand-new oak wooden floor that captures the essence of an old and aged floor. How? We carefully age each plank, aiming to achieve a floor that not only looks old but also tells a story.

The distressing process simulates marks traditionally achieved from normal wear and tear, to create the feel and appearance of an oak wooden floor that has been exposed to the elements for many years.

Band Sawn

Band sawn wooden floors are a striking presence, thanks to their rough surface. The floor gets its name from the visible lines left on the wood surface during the sawing process. The shallow ridges and stripes on the wood give the floor a unique look that varies on each plank.

Band sawing is known for creating a unique and distinctive floor. It adds character and visual interest to the floor. The technique enables the creation of various designs, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal. Band swan wooden floors are real eye-catchers and are perfect for those who want to bring a distinctive floor into their home.


Get in Touch

As a bespoke oak wooden flooring company operating globally, we value great importance on personal contact. We’re eager to understand your specific needs and desires to help you conceive unique and engaging spaces.


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