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How it’s made

The Optimal Moisture Balance

Before we start working with the oak wood, we let it rest for up to six months, allowing it to naturally dry in the fresh air of the Netherlands.

Once the moisture content reaches the perfect level, we carefully move the wood to our drying program. We take special care to ensure it loses moisture without causing any stress.

Our climate control process involves air drying, kiln drying, and conditioning, making sure each board has a similar moisture level. This is crucial, especially when dealing with seasonal changes and humidity variations.

Choose your grading

Classify our wood in grades

Selecting the right grade is an important phase in the production process. Once the wood completes its drying phase, we kickstart the production process using cutting-edge technology to ensure top-notch quality.

In this critical stage, we categorize and classify the wood into five different grades. This step requires a trained eye and unwavering focus as we carefully check the wood based on its appearance and characteristics. This meticulous selection process guarantees that each oak wooden floor meets our high standards and aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Each collection boasts an array of eight unique colors, ensuring there’s a perfect floor for every project. Dive into choice and find the ideal match for your space with DutzWood.

Creating engineered wood

Once we’ve sorted the oak top layers to your preference, the next step is sawing and bonding them to a birch plywood base. The oak top layers are precisely sawn in different thicknesses—3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. These top layers are then expertly connected to a water-resistant birch plywood substrate.

The result? Engineered wood that is carefully crafted to stand the test of time. Our product is not just strong and stable, but a testament to our commitment to excellence. This unique process preserves the strength of our floors, making it perfectly suitable for both floor heating and floor cooling.

Finishing – Limitless possibilities

Ensuring a high-quality oak floor is essential, but treating it properly is just as crucial. With our years of experience, we understand the importance of a well-protected oak wooden floor like no other. With our ability to apply treatments, colors, and protective layers our oak wooden floors breath versatility and strength. The possibilities are limitless with uncompromised quality.

Our finishing brings out the natural beauty of the wood and enriching its color. It serves as a protective shield, enhancing the durability and longevity of the wood. Whether you have a busy household with children, a vibrant office space, or any other setting, our floors ensure enduring quality for everyone to enjoy.


Our standard is bespoke oak wooden flooring.

Your preferences shape everything. and goes beyond width, thickness, or style. Choose your pattern like Chevron or Herringbone and tailor treatments such as planing, sanding, smoking, aging, or brushing for a unique look and feel.

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