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Classify our wood in grades

Whether the floor requires a unique character, or a beautiful rustic country appearance with fine knots and heart cracks, the final result will always look pure and genuine.

Oak trees can become more than 200 years old and range from sleek and elegant to broad and powerful. As a common characteristic, they have a high degree of stability and durability. We aim to preserve their natural beauty and work with its pure and powerful expression.

Rustic Grade

Our Rustic grade is the most vibrant grade. In the rustic grade, all sizes of knots are allowed, including sapwood. It gives the floor a rustic charm that is unparalleled. This rich and warm style showcases the finest workmanship of nature, adding a touch of natural elegance to your interior.

Classic Grade

A somewhat more relaxed country grading. This grade features numerous knots, both smaller and larger, as well as filled knots and color variation. Our Classic grading has a lively appearance and adds character to the floor.

Pure Grade

Our Pure grade showcases the charm of small knots scattered throughout, infusing our floors with a distinctive character and depth. The warm and cozy ambiance created by our Pure oak grade flooring evokes a sense of time-honored interiors, blending seamlessly with an effortless and enduring style.

Exclusive Grade

In our Exclusive selection, you’ll find planks with only small knots and no sapwood. These versatile planks seamlessly blend into any design style, providing your space with a classy upgrade. It’s an easy way to add a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to your interior.

Elite Grade

Our Elite grading offers a serene and sophisticated appearance. It features no filled knots, allowing only small pin knots for a more refined look. This grading is known for its exclusivity, providing a luxurious and elegant flooring solution that enhances any space with its timeless charm and unmatched beauty.

Get in Touch

As a bespoke oak wooden flooring company operating globally, we value great importance on personal contact. We’re eager to understand your specific needs and desires to help you conceive unique and engaging spaces.


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